Note: In September of 2013, Exceptional Parent Magazine recognized all six of our teachers as being among the very best special needs educators in the nation. We were happy to nominate them, and are even prouder that they have received the well-deserved accolades. The following is an excerpt of what we sumbitted to EP Magazine, and we happily share it with you now. For more information on Exceptional Parent, please visit them at

Great teachers are priceless. They are patient and kind, inspiring, interesting and charasmatic all at the same time. They are also very rare. Here at Crystal Springs School, we know how unbelievably fortunate we are to have not one, but six exceptional teachers working with our incredible students; and it is our pleasure to nominate them all as 'Exceptional Educators of 2013'.

The six remarkable young women who teach our students are, without question, amongst the ranks of the great in their profession. Each and every day, they rise to the challenge of personally connecting with children living with severe to profound physical and cognitive disabilities, in addition to also having complex medical needs and behavioral challenges. Due to the fact that there is currently no suitable published curriculum available for teaching our students, these incredible teachers consistently meet the challenge of not only developing their own, but also having it approved by state education authorities. As anyone who has every taught knows, this requires not only an exceptional level of dedication, but also tremendous innovation!

In addition to traditional educational subject matter, the teachers at Crystal Springs also work with our students in developing and strengthening daily life-skills. Dining, personal hygiene, dressing and other such tasks are so easily taken for granted by those of us who are blessed with so-called 'normal' abilities; and our teachers are both proud and humbled to be in a position to empower their students with such capabilities as they journey toward greater independence.

To the naked eye, it may appear difficult - if not impossible - to measure the programs made by many of the students at Crystal Springs. Yet to these six talented and caring professionals, the evidence is vividly clear. A child matching his colors, another writing her name, and yet a third using an iPad to effectively communicate with others are just some of the daily successes that are a result of the innovation, passion and love with which our teachers approach every student in their classrooms.

Put simply, it is largely due to the hearts and souls of these six teachers that Crystal Springs School is the place where students develop 'New Abilities for a Better Tomorrow'. And we thank them.